Busoni ARLECCHINO Title Role



                                                    Arlecchino is an incorrigible rogue, able to get away with anything



                                                                Arlecchino has the key to every eventuality


Arlecchino carries on openly with Annunziata, wife of the village tailor, Ser Matteo del Sarto (with JoElla Todd as Annunziata)


The key turns out to be the one to Ser Matteo's house, which the old tailor has dropped, giving Arlecchino the means for front-door access to Annunziata any time he desires


Arlecchino escorts his own wife, Columbina (Maureen McGuire), to the town watering hole, to blunt her curiosity regarding his presence near the tailor's door; unlike all the others, this photograph was not taken during the original Boston/Cambridge stand, but dates from a NECOG tour performance a few months later at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire







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